CloudFlare on Ellenet

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The internet has become are more dangerous place. With each day web servers around the world have hacker, either using robotic software or manually are attempting to get into websites, servers and networks. To steal information or hijack your services and find exploits that will enable them to upload Trojans and viruses allowing them to penetrate the systems of your visitors. Stealing their financial details and personal details.

Your Business Security

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Ellenet will keep your business secure, both the internet side and the networking side. Anti-virus can only do so much, there are many other ways to keep out hackers and intruders who would bring down your online presence or your business network. There are currently an unprecedented number of attacks on Australia websites and business networks and so now more than ever, you need to be diligent and ensure all your data is safe and free from hackers.

IT Solutions

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When someone says, "What are IT solutions, I don't understand what your services are?' Essentially, if you have a problem with your computer systems, your server, your computer equipment, your online database or website, be it on your intranet or on the internet, we will design a solution, or series of solutions, to solve those issues. We don't make specific products in most cases, we design services that are specifically for your needs - its far better to address a certain problem than using a generic 'fix all' as some would do, but we know having custom tailored solutions is the best way to permanently resolve many issues businesses have in this digital age.

Your IT Requirements

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Ellenet can supply all your IT hardware and software requirements from the biggest names in in the business.

We are a supplier for vendors such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Seagate and many more big name manufacturers. If you need anything from a simple mouse item right through to a complete network replacement then we can supply all your needs. We also customize the installation to suit your requirements.

24/7 Online support

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Our servers are located at's server facility and are maintained to the highest standards and are supervised 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We have full redundancy with 5 day rotating back-ups and mirrored drives. Our connection is a HSDSL (high speed symmetric DSL - or pier 1 connectivity.) Your site will have an up-time of 100% or close to it - occasionally we install updates on the servers to keep them secure but this is usually done in the early hours of the morning so no one really is looking at the site at the time.