Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you become a consultancy client?
A. Contact Ellenet either via the contact form on this website or calling +61 418 676 586 and say you would like become a consultancy client. If you have a network you would like us to maintain, then you will be required to complete a service agreement. If you are wanting workstation or individual assistance then you would sign a simpler agreement. These agreements are fairly standard in the IT industry.
Q. Can we get a hardware and/or software quotation?
A. Getting a hardware or software quotation from Ellenet is a fairly simple process, either call +61 418 676 586 or contact us through the contact form and ask for a quote - you will have to specify if you are a business and what type of business, and how many users you need to provide for. Quotations are valid only for 15 days the pricing in the IT industry vary quickly. We can quote on a single system or a large corporate network with servers.
Q. What do I have to do to have our website hosted with you?
A. Many hosting providers simply offer hosting, and little else, which means you need a designer to upload and sometimes maintain your website. With Ellenet will upload your website and get it running for you, and we will monitor and if you desire maintain the site as well. We offer a full package service, and for new clients we often provide tips of how the site may attract more visitors. There are no contracts for hosting - you are free to leave at any time.
Q. Do you do staff training with software or applications?
A. Ellenet provided training for clients, for software or program applications, either with a new or maintained network or separately. We can either come to your office or provide remote training. Our training is for a large variety of software and proper hardware operation, please email us for details of what we offer. Our prices are based on a flat rate and are not dependant on the number of people attending training. We require the completion of a service agreement for training, while this is a standard agreement.
Q. Do you develop programs or applications?
A. Ellenet, under a development contract, will develop programs in a variety of languages for clients who have a specific need. Although these developments can take time to bring to completion. We also develop or configure small apps that are used for web deployment for computers, iPads, iPhones or smart phones. These are smaller less involved but still require a contractual obligation.