Email Security

Modern business is reliant on email, but considering today's threats, it is amazing that organizations allow email at all. Then again, just try switching it off… Every organization has to balance security with the ability to carry on conducting business freely. With Ellenet Pty Ltd., email can be allowed to move securely into, out of and around your enterprise while negating the risks that cause damage: viruses, spam, spyware, trojans, phishing, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, the loss of sensitive data and the exchange of illegal, immoral or offensive material. Those responsible for these threats are getting increasingly sophisticated and well-funded. Ellenet Pty Ltd. offers a real defence with granular policies, leading technology and defined processes designed to keep your email safe and secure.

Email Gateway

The Ellenet Pty Ltd. SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) offers the latest in inbound threat protection (Sophos and/or Kaspersky AV), a multi-layer spam defence mechanism and deep content inspection control on size and types of attachments.

Exchange Gateway

The Ellenet Pty Ltd. SECURE Exchange Gateway (SXG) safeguards against inappropriate content being internally communicated supporting both organizational policy and compliance requirements. It detects and stops malware, inappropriate file types and identifies violations in conversations based on an easily defined policy based rules.

Protecting your Critical Information in Microsoft Office 365

The long-expected surge in the adoption of Office 365 has been underway since mid-2014. Very soon, the question facing enterprise collaboration and communications leaders will not be whether to move these workloads to the cloud, but how painful will it be to remain on-premise and how can they ensure that all of their critical information is protected?