CloudFlare on Ellenet

03.05.2015 | Posted by: Super User | Comments: 0

The internet has become are more dangerous place. With each day web servers around the world have hacker, either using robotic software or manually are attempting to get into websites, servers and networks. To steal information or hijack your services and find exploits that will enable them to upload Trojans and viruses allowing them to penetrate the systems of your visitors. Stealing their financial details and personal details.

Never before has financial theft and identity theft been so prominent. Ellenet web servers are very secure as we offer client managed hosting, which is more personalised than standard managed hosting – which is what all hosting providers offer. We have hardware firewalls and special software in place to protect all our clients information. In spite of all these, there are more and more attacks each day.

So we implemented CloudFlare to push away hackers at the DNS level before reaching the site. And this service is stopping thousands of potential hackers each day. But if you have an organisation with critical data we recommend you allow us to add CloudFlare Pro to your hosting at $10 per month, we will implement much higher security in the form of a Web application firewall (WAF). Contact us on 0418 676 586 and we can add CloudFlare Pro to your hosting plan.